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How to create a mailing list

  1. Log into your Control Panel and go to the EMAIL ADDRESSES section
  2. Click on the MAILING LISTS tab
  4. Give the list an email address. This is what you will send mail to.
  5. Put in your email address as the MAILING LIST ADMINISTRATOR
  6. Add the email addresses you want to receive mail from this list in the SUBSCRIBERS section
    You can copy and paste and put multiple addresses on separate lines
  7. Click OK to create the list

IMPORTANT: By default:

  •       Anyone can send an email to this address and everyone on the list will receive it.
  •       If anyone on the list reply’s, everyone on the list will receive their reply.
  •       This is good for having a large conversation between a group of employees or friends.

If you wish the mailing list to only allow people to receive your email but not respond to everyone on the list then email Computer Solutions at and we can convert it from Conversation Mode to Notification Mode then:

  •       A password will be needed to send mail to the list
  •       People responding to the messages received on the list will only come back to the address you entered as the List Administrator